Candid Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
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Candid Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Candid Wedding Moments

Capturing the raw emotion of the wedding day

A lot of times photographers will label themselves as "photojournalistic" but their work doesn't show it. True journalistic work is photography without direction. Being able to capture those split second moments, and doing it in a way to tell a story. As you see in this image, that emotion can not be forced or queued. It was captured in the moment without any planning.

This image was photographed during am attempted first look with a father and daughter just before the ceremony. The bride wanted her dad to see her in her dress before she left to the ceremony. As we were trying to tell the dad she was coming, the mom and bridesmaids realized they were in the background of the picture. They tried to quickly move but the moment started to unfold and everyone froze and got emotional. It happened all so quickly and that's what led me to get this frame.

Location: Philadelphia, PA.