Ballroom at the Ben Wedding 1
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Ballroom at the Ben Wedding 1

The wedding pictures shown are during a wedding at the Ballroom at the Ben. Ben Franklin Ballroom is one of Finley Catering's wedding venues in Philadelphia. You can easily have your Philadelphia Wedding Ceremony in the ballroom space, and the staff at Finley Catering works so quickly and efficiently that the room gets flipped and ready to go for the reception within minutes. Want a breathtakingly large wedding venue that will sweep you off your feet? Ballroom at the Ben is exactly that.

Ballroom at the Ben Wedding Ceremony

Ballroom at the Ben has so many unique features from the moody lighting in the ballroom to the architecture that surrounds the property. Each table is always lit perfectly as there is so much attention to every detail that goes into each wedding.

Ballroom at the Ben Philadelphia WeddingBallroom at the Ben, Philadelphia Wedding Venue

The beautiful architecture in this building is immediately recognized the second you enter the building. You come through into the lobby of the building and once you make your way up to the second floor, you will see the ballroom. Once you get to the mezzanine level you have an amazing view of the entire dance floor below. This wedding venue is one of a kind in Philadelphia.

Ballroom at the ben Wedding PictureBallroom at the Ben Wedding Pictures

Ballroom at the Ben is a Wedding venue in Philadelphia located at 834 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

This Philadelphia Wedding venue is owned by Finley Catering. Finley Catering is a premier wedding venue group in Philadelphia. They also own Crystal Tea Room, Union Trust, as well as the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve.

Location: 834 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.