Joe Dantone Photography

The Beginnings

It was May of 2013 when Joe Dantone Photography became official. If you asked him if he planned to make the studio official at that given time he'd be lying if he said "yes". The truth is, he had been building this studio brand while working as a Technician for BMW about two years prior to making the studio official. It wasn't until his first son was 60 days old that he decided he wanted to hang up the wrenches and dive into photography. The story is long, and its emotional, and its awesome. Just ask him and he'd be happy to share!

Meet the Team!


First Morning Coffee

Wedding Photography Changed My Life

Just out of high school I went to Kutztown University for music. That didn't last too long until I was eventually kicked out before the first semester ended, haha. I became a BMW Technician, but also loved being creative. I played music most of my life and always thought I was going to be the next rock star. That's every kids dream right?! A couple years after an auto tech program I finally was offered, what I thought, was my dream job. To work as a technician for BMW. I loved working on cars and would attend car shows often. I finally got my first camera to start taking pictures of all of these amazing cars. Before I knew it I was focusing more on my photography than the cars I was taking pictures of.

A few years went by and I was asked to help a friend take pictures at a wedding in NYC. This is where it all began. I absolutely fell in love with weddings. Meeting new people all of the time, being able to go different places and record these amazing moments for others gave me such joy. I knew this was what I wanted. After 2 years of dabbling in wedding photography while working full time at BMW I realized I needed a change in my life. I wanted to be happy, that meant doing photography full time. I promised my wife that one day soon I wanted to wake up with her and my newborn son on a Monday morning and be able to go and grab a cup of coffee and sit with my little family instead of going to work as a Technician. The only way this would happen was if I made this change. Lucky for me I have an incredible wife who supports everything and anything I do. I knew I could make this happen. My son was 60 days old the day I walked into my bosses office and quit my job. It was May 17th, a Friday. I had my first wedding as a full-time Philadelphia Wedding Photographer on that Saturday. Guess what I did on Monday? I woke up with my wife and son next to me, big smiles, and had that cup of coffee. I’m doing what I love, and that's capturing memories of my couples that will last a lifetime. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey, I can't wait to document yours!



I am fueled by mine, and want to celebrate yours

My photo journey began at Temple University where I studied Photojournalism. After graduating, I wanted to see the world and decided to explore for a few years. I lived and worked as an ESL teacher in Costa Rica, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. Although those experiences were amazing, I feel truly blessed that my path lead me back to this initial place which brings me so much joy: the camera.

The refinement of my craft happened only after my family took shape. After reconnecting with my high school sweetheart on the West Coast in 2014, we began a journey together of coast-to-coast beach town living, entrepreneurship exploration, and most importantly, parenthood. Our two little super stars keep us endlessly on alert and in awe. Family is at the center of my heart, it has been my inspiration for more than 5 years. It's from that place that I bring my work into the world. Family weaves together so much of who we are and it is where legacy begins and ends. I am fueled by mine, and want to celebrate yours. My goal is to help you show the world what you cherish and who you are through timeless imagery. I understand how important it is to remember the details of our lives as the years pass. So whether it is planting seeds with a wedding, or documenting your family, I promise to see you and your loved ones through an empathetic lens.