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Client Love Letters

I started Photographing weddings full time after I left work as a technician at BMW. Since then I haven't looked back, I have a love and passion for my work and for my clients. This page here displays some ways where my passion and love for my work and clients have been recognized.

"Where do I even begin - Joe Dantone has captured moments of our wedding that I will cherish for the rest of my life. We had some tough times at our wedding (due to weather), and when I look through Joe's album all of those tough times disappear and he makes me forget anything that could have upset me that day. He was not just our photographer for the day, he was part of our wedding, he kept me calm, he consoled me, he looked after our family. He was so efficient, so professional and so considerate of our needs. Places I wouldn't have expected Joe to be, he was there capturing parts of our wedding I couldn't believe he was able to catch. He takes his passion very seriously and will get shots at any cost, even if it means he gets shoved around by our crazy family on the dance floor! And that passion reflects in his work. Even now I am trying not to cry thinking about how beautiful these photos are and how I am going to be able to have these for the rest of our lives. He doesn't just take photographs, he creates art out of your life, moments frozen in time forever. I am so grateful for his talent and look forward to following his future work. Thank you Joe! We are so so happy!"

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