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The Pro's of Using Tave CRM as a Creative

There's a lot of CRM options out there, but I promise you...Tave is your only option

(No, they are not paying me to do this, I just get asked about Tave a lot and I figured I'd write an article on it)

CRM's Promise and Tools

there are an absolute ton of different CRM's out there currently. Making the decision which one to use is pretty annoying. Even with the promise of a free trail theres still work that needs to be done to even test the system out (I promise this article will save you a lot of that time!). There are CRMs out there with promises of being "All-in-one" with galleries, selling tools, album design etc. Just think of a swiss army knife...It does a lot of things, but none of them well. Or the CRMs with the main focus that they "look pretty". These are things you should stay away from.

This is where Tave separates itself from the market. Their platform isn't based on being the prettiest, or specialize in other areas outside of just being a CRM. You go to their homepage and its promise to give you your time back. Its focus on being a powerful and important tool to your business workflow.

What I've used and what led me to Tave

Over the 6 years of being a wedding photographer I quickly realized within the first 2 years how important it was to have a Client Management System in place. I got into the industry where I felt a good amount of photographers were still sending out paper contracts and waiting on checks to book clients. I can't even imagine doing that anymore, especially with all of these tools right at our finger tips.

In the beginning I was using a few different systems and there were some flaws in them that I couldn't get past. The third one I tried, I had high hopes for, and I stayed with them the longest, but it was a bit messy, didn't have a mobile version, and also wasn't easy for the client. All of that combined with the technical aspect of working the system, made it quite tough to use.

Lets Get To The Awesome...

I made the jump to Tave through one of my off-seasons. I was almost done with searching for a good system and literally didn't know where to go. I have a really good friend who recommend me to check into Tave. He was telling me about all these neat features and it seemed like the same old story but with a much cleaner interface than the current system I was using. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. I used the Tave Trail period and signed up for a subscription within a few days of my 30 day trial.

Things my friend said to me:

- Get you some time back (No brainer, time = $$$)

- Easy to book through their mobile app, maybe 2-3 button clicks

- Easy for clients to use

- Looks professional

- You can see when clients open emails, and what links they click on in the email, how many times a quote or contract has been viewed.

Ok ok ok, Just these pin points were enough to pull me in. Now lets get to the reasons why I love Tave.

Ok, so here's the Awesome

- Functionality

Tave is a very strong CRM tool. Loaded with powerful features, Tave can become your own studio assistant. All of the features are set up and placed in the system with intention. The problem I found with other systems was there were 3 or 4 different ways to do one thing, and that one thing would be affected differently depending on how you did it. Not with Tave. In this system its all spelled out for you. No need to guess or click around in confusion. And if you can't figure it out, their online community in Facebook is a tremendous help, and their customer service is phenomenal.

- Automations

So what are these? Let me just give you a few examples of automations that I have set up. This in itself should be a HUGE reason to come to Tave.

When a client books with me, they will get an automatic email sent out to them thanking them and welcoming them to the Joe Dantone Photography experience. They are then put into an automation that sends them informational blog posts every month on tips and ideas for planning and letting them know my door is open if they have any questions. I can't tell you how many times brides and grooms respond back to me in emailsaying "thank you so much, I really could've used that info on where to do our engagement session". I'll take a look back into the emails and see they received the automation on how to prep for your engagement session.

When a client has a payment coming up I have an automation in place where my system will send them an email reminder out 1 month before the due date. It will tell them how much and when its due with a link to their invoice. It will send out another notification 1 week prior to the payment being due giving the same details but saying, "If you've sent the payment please disregard this message and you'll get a receipt once its processed, but if you haven't, you still have just a couple of days to send it out". Because of this automation, in the time that I've had Tave I've only had 2 late payments and I never have to chase clients down for payments.

Questionnaires are GOLD. I started using Tave's questionnaire feature almost immediately solely to try and connect with my couples on a deeper level. I have an automation set up that sends out 2 months after booking called the "Get to know you" automation. This sends an email out asking them to both sit down with a drink and some snacks and check out this questionnaire together. Its fun because it turns into a bonding experience for the couple and the can reflect on the beginnings of their relationship through the questions I ask. I will sometimes get an email following the questionnaire saying that it was fun sitting down together and re-living some of the experiences I ask them about. The great thing about this feature if all of this information can be referenced in their client file and its all easily accessible through the mobile app and the desktop.

Second Shooter Timeline. In Tave you can assign people to specific jobs. One thing I like to do is assign my second shooter to the specific job they will be helping me with. About 2 weeks before the wedding, Tave will automatically generate a "Second Shooter Timeline Schedule" email for me. It will reference all of the notes from the "Wedding day Timeline" questionnaire and plug them all in so my second shooters will have a complete timeline of the day emails to their inbox without me having to do it.

The automations are endless, and most of all they save me hours through the week, but also create a great experience for the couples.

Here's the plug

If you are liking what you're hearing so far, click here to sign up, you'll get a 60 DAY free trial! Thats DOUBLE the time of what you would regularly get!

We're Not Done Yet...The Reports and the statistics!

So in my other CRMs, this information was EXTREMELY difficult to pull and sort. All of the data was there, but there was no easy way to filter or access it. With Tave you can easily see how many Weddings you have booked for the year, and any other type of event. It also shows you the revenue from that job type. Thats pretty basic. Ok, so you can also see how many weddings you booked in previous years, how many weddings you had booked for following years this time last year. How many of a specific product you sold in a specific year, where your referrals are coming from, what your booking percentage from that referral is...I can keep going and going. Just know that ALL of the data that is in your Tave account can be sorted and referenced within a few button clicks.

In Closing

There are many other reasons Tave has been a life saver for me, from 1 button clicking from my phone and booking a client, to being able to respond back to emails using their awesome template system. I can't recommend them enough. The set up process was easy, and if you don't have the time or "know how" to do it, they can help you with that too. If you have any questions about the system definitely feel free to ask, but for now, here is a 60 Day Free Trail link for you to try. You won't be disappointed!