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First Morning Coffee

Wedding Photography Changed My Life

Just out of high school I went to Kutztown University for music. That didn't last too long until I was eventually kicked out before the first semester ended, haha. I became a BMW Technician, but also loved being creative. I played music most of my life and always thought I was going to be the next rock star. That's every kids dream right?! A couple years after an auto tech program I finally was offered, what I thought, was my dream job. to work as a technician for BMW. I loved working on cars and used to attend car shows often. I finally got my first camera to start taking pictures of all of these amazing cars. Before I knew it I was focusing more on my photography than the cars I was taking pictures of.

A few years went by and I was asked to help a friend take pictures at a wedding in NYC. This is where it all began. I absolutely fell in love with weddings. Meeting new people all of the time, being able to go different places and record these amazing moments for others gave me such joy. I knew this was what I wanted. After 2 years of dabbling in wedding photography while working full time at BMW I realized I needed a change in my life. I wanted to be happy, that meant doing photography full time. I promised my wife that one day soon I wanted to wake up with her and my newborn son on a Monday morning and be able to go and grab a cup of coffee and sit with my little family instead of going to work as a Technician. The only way this would happen was if I made this change. Lucky for me I have an incredible wife who supports everything and anything I do. I knew I could make this happen. My son was 60 days old the day I walked into my bosses office and quit my job. It was May 17th, a Friday. I had my first wedding as a full-time Philadelphia Wedding Photographer on that Saturday. Guess what I did on Monday? I woke up with my wife and son next to me, big smiles, and had that cup of coffee. I’m doing what I love, and that's capturing memories of my couples that will last a lifetime. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey, I can't wait to document yours!