The Color Run Philadelphia 2012

Jumping girl

WOW…That is all I can really say about this event. Sunday morning I woke up at about 5:30am. which is pretty normal for me on a weekday, but not typically on a Sunday. Got my camera gear together and headed out to Philadelphia to go and shoot The Color Run 2012. I had no idea what to expect of this event. I figured just a couple thousand runners getting colored chalk thrown on them, then everyone goes home…WRONG! As I pulled down into Center City Philadelphia I was blown away at the amount of people that were to participate in this charity 5K run. I was roughly 15-20 blocks outside of center city and was still seeing participants walking down to the meeting area at the Philadelphia Art Museum to get in their groups and join in the fun. Anxiously driving by the start line I wanted to jump out and start shooting, as I saw a group was already leaving the start line. I was rudely awakened by massive road closures and about 15,000-20,000 more people than I expected. Quickly I found parking and headed down to the area.

So earlier I had assumed you run, you get colored, you mingle and relax, then leave…again….WRONG! After you hit the finish line there were areas for water, stores, hang out tents, and of course the Rocky Balboa Statue attraction that always draws a crowd. Best of all the parkway was closed down and sitting right in the middle was a massive stage with a DJ and some awesome dance/party/house music! These runners did not give up, after running the 5K they went right over and started dancing. Yes, the parkway turned into a day club but at 9AM!!

So enough of my babbling, I went to this event thinking something totally different than it was. It’s always a good time to go out and shoot charity events because everyone is always in such an uplifting great mood and it really allows some great photo opportunities. About 3 hours of being at the event I forced myself to leave due to the fact that my black camera was now turning tie-dye with dust as much as I tried to cover it up.  Here are a few highlights of the day.  Don’t forget to stop by my FACEBOOK PAGE and hit the LIKE button!