Ledges Hotel Wedding in Poconos – Mel and Neil

Ledges hotel wedding photographer

I personally love the outdoors. I always like to take in new scenes and see places I’ve never seen before. When I got the phone call from Mel and Neil, one of the first things they mentioned is how much they love the outdoors and how they wanted to really incorporate that into their wedding. At that point when I was on the phone I was practically out of my seat saying “tell me more, tell me more!”.

Mel and Neil were from Georgia and they were having their wedding in the Poconos at a place called Ledges Hotel in Hawley Pennsylvania. I had heard of it before, but I had get to photograph a wedding there. They were saying things like hiking up a waterfall, and doing their portraits in the woods on the sides of a cliff face. You can only imagine the excitement. I was so anxious to shoot their wedding and to finally meet them in person on their wedding day because we had great conversations and awesome ideas. As I pulled up to Ledges Hotel, it is kind of tucked away off the main road. You pull up to a large building and follow the driveway around the back of the building down to the actual hotel.

I finally was able to meet Mel and Neil and photograph them getting ready. It was such a calm morning and everybody was in such great spirits. We finally got a chance to do the first look on a deck that hung off the side of a cliff. From there they both told me about how they wanted to climb over the fence of the deck and make their way down to a waterfall for their portraits. You know what I said? “Hell to the yes!”. Mel took her shoes off  and swung her legs over the fence and climbed down some rock and cinderblocks to get down to the waterfall. She did it with such ease, like it was something she had done before. We walked out onto the dry rock tops that were nestled in the water and finally made our way over to the waterfalls to do their portrait session. Fast forward to the ceremony and even though it was tight quarters it was an incredible spot for a ceremony. It was a small deck that hung off the side of a cliff just in front of the waterfall. Once they tied the knot we headed up the hill to the initial building when you pull in to get to their reception space. The reception was held in the boiler room that was also connected to an on-site brewery. It’s so difficult to explain how amazing this place was, so check out the pictures below!