ISPWP Contest Winner 2014

Super excited to announce that I am not considered an ISPWP contest winner! A few months ago, after shooting over 70 weddings in just under 3 years I decided I wanted to finally try and get accepted into ISPWP – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (Some of the most talented and amazing photographers from around the world can be found here). I sent in my application, and had an amazing recommendation from a phenomenal friend and photographer. Days later I was honored to have gotten an email saying that I had gotten accepted. After I took the next steps for setting up my account I noticed that they also do contests and that they were closing up this past quarters contest within a few days of me being accepted, I entered thinking that’d be cool if I was an ISPWP contest winner but not getting my hopes up. The results came out a few months later and I was just picked as a winner! I won 16th place in the Decisive Moment category! Here’s the link to the contest gallery. Below is my winning image. The bride’s vail was pulled out of her hair by a strong gust of wind, and her Groom ran head on into to try and grab it before it got lifted away and eventually hung up on the buildings flag pole. As an end to the story, the wind knocked the vail off of the flag pole and landed right in the best man’s hands!

ispwp contest winner photo by Joe Dantone Photography

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