Adam and Hayley’s Wedding at Crystal Plaza

So if you don’t remember, Hayley and Adam rocked an engagement shoot with me a little while ago. At the shoot we talked a lot about the cool events and little touches that would be taking place during the wedding day. One of which was going to be a crazy hour of flip cup with the bridal party at their new home before the ceremony. Being that Adam and Hayley met over a game of flip cup, it was necessary to incorporate this into the wedding. Needless to say I could not wait to shoot this wedding. Adam and Hayley a pleasure to work with, and they sure knew how to party! From rainbow accents everywhere, a ¬†flip cup extravaganza with adult sized bibs, to massive ice sculptures filled with alchahol during cocktail hour, and making their grand entrance into the ballroom to Metallica this was a blast of a wedding. Oh did I mention that Hayley did not sit once? I have never seen a bride dance, so well and for so long, in my life. I’m going to stop yapping….here’s just SOME of the pictures from their big day!Photo by Joe Dantone Photography visit

Thanks again Matt Nugent for second shooting!