40 Faces of Occupy Wall Street

Today last minute I decided to take a train up to NYC and pay Wall St. a visit. Going there today I was going with no opinion on either side of the Occupy Wall St. movement. I was going as a freelance photographer in hopes of getting some coverage of a historic event. When I went it was the first time I had been anywhere near Ground Zero since about a year before the attacks. Knowing how painful this event was for close family and a lot of close friends to the family, it sent quivers down my spine and I just felt a coldness run through my body. Not to much farther was a park called Zuccotti Park. Here is where the protest is being held. Absolutely breath taking park…minus the yelling, garbage, and protesting. Today I had one specific goal in mind. This was to show the faces and opinions of the people who occupy Wall Street. Well here are some of the images I have for now, there are many more, they will come shortly. If you are in the protest and know one of these people, please share the website post with them. Also “like” my facebook page at www.facebook.com/joedantonephotography